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Submitted on
February 28, 2012


  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Drive OST
  • Reading: Last Man in the Tower
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  • Playing: Fallout New Vegas
So Saturday we had Shadowrun.. My brother, the GM, decided to reboot it, voiding the first session. Well fuck, this means I can bin the first twenty pages of the moleskin that I got for these sessions. Anyway, he decided to give the three of us all a mission of our own, meaning he had to run three sessions at the same time. Gaaaah. Not the best of ways to run things but whatever, my job as the face was to get some files from a corporation that was having a party. I did it nice and quiet, deciding to ride things out while the other two players had a bit of trouble on their hands. I got quite a bit of flak from the GM afterwards, but fuck it, I got the job done good and proper right? I remained completely in character and stuck to it to in extremis. Bleh whatever, here's to the next session, where we get to work together on a job or two. :)

Well, Saturday wasn't all bad, I decided to be stupid (or so I thought) and got the Iron Kingdoms starter. Good idea, really digging the Khador stuff, so much so that I've been busy since then painting them all up. Converted the caster a wee bit, giving her a baton instead of a scythe. The Caster is about done, as is the Man-O-War unit leader. The others are in various states of paint and the 'Jacks.. Pretty hard to get right. Not that I'm aiming for 'Eavy Metal quality here, I'm just trying my best. There's a deadline looming though, I'm trying my level best to have all 8 models done by Saturday so I can get a game or two in at my FLGS and get curbstomped by the local TFG. :D

Then there's the 17th of March, which is the official kick-off date for a 40k league that starts at 500 pts. and builds up to who knows what over the course of who knows how many months. Seeing as I gifted all my Cadians and their tanks to a guy more deserving of them I'm left with my Elysians, Forge World's hated child. Now thankfully the organizer is okay with my using an Imperial Armour list, despite Forge World being so "scary" and whatnot. Cool, I get to not only field my Elysians, but I also get to use their silly list, with all the crazy stuff Forge World released for them. Right now I'm looking at the following:

HQ - Company Command Squad w. power weapon, medic, vox caster and plasma gun (115 points)

Elites - Drop Sentinel Squadron (3) w. 3x heavy bolter (105 points)

Troops - Veterans w. shotguns, 2x meltagun and vox caster (105 points)

Troops - Veterans w. 3x sniper rifle, vox caster and Forward Observers (130 points)

Fast Attack - Tauros w. grenade launcher (45 points)

This all makes for a nice and decent 500 points. When the jump to 750 points pops around I'll probably add in another squad of Veterans armed with whatever I've got left, a Drop Sentinel with multi-melta and points permitting, another Tauros or Tauros Venator. After that we're moving on to air support, with first up being my Vulture with twin-linked Punisher cannons. I wonder how much flak she'll catch.

Enough fancy talk, those guys also need to get painted and I made the promise not to field minis that aren't fully painted and based. Tough times ahead of me for sure. Need to buckle up and get it the fuck done.

Oy vey. :(
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I wasn't aware you had any interest in Warmachine.
BrookM Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
For a long, long time now, always been something of a steampunk fan, but never really got into it until well, last weekend when I saw my FLGS stocking the starter. I'm really looking forward to PP's relaunch of their Iron Kingdoms roleplaying series, hopefully they'll kick off a few games around here where I can join in on the fun.
Well the part of me that still loves Warmachine is happy to hear you've chosen Khador.
BrookM Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Feels like I dodged a bullet there.
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