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We are the spearhead of the Great Crusade by BrookM We are the spearhead of the Great Crusade :iconbrookm:BrookM 16 0
We all froze at the sound, not daring to move. I felt myself holding my breath for five, ten, fifteen seconds, straining to hear anything out of the ordinary, before slowly exhaling. All the while I kept my eye on the distant form of Murke, our point man, watching as he slowly unclenched his raised fist, finally giving the signal to advance again. Praise the Emperor, we weren’t spotted, yet.
I glanced over my shoulder, scowling at the source of the noise. The snap of a dry twig might not seem like much, but when you’re in as deep as us, it’s a sound much like that of an exploding frag that could very well mean the difference between getting caught in an ambush or living to see another day. The man responsible for the noise, corporal Stevens of the 25th Praetorian Rifles, was pale and sweating profusely, he seemed to have caught on to what he did. Here's hoping the tosser learned from it.
That useless, bloody wanker..
We continued our cautious advance for anothe
:iconbrookm:BrookM 4 4
Memories of a Widowmaker
My story? What makes you think I have a story to share with you? You want to know about my eyepatch? Ha, you kids have some nerve these days! Do you bother all strangers that come down this road? What do you offer in return? A place by the fire and a hot meal? I must be getting old, it does sound tempting child. Very well, show me to the fire place and you will have your tale. I should warn you though, mine is not one of happiness and joy, you have been warned.
My name is Nataliya Verochka, twenty-nine winters old, hailing from the northern reaches of our motherland, born into a poor Kossite family made up of hunters and woodsmen living in the village of Neva, I doubt it can be found on any map. I lost both parents before I reached adulthood: My mother perished giving birth to me and my father, who raised me as best he could, died during the hunt of a bear on the eve of my sixteenth year. With no family left to keep me from leaving, I enlisted with the Winter Guard, first with blunderb
:iconbrookm:BrookM 2 9
Lone Wolf
The hounds howled into the night, their cries heard long and far away. It was a beautiful night, not that Moira the Unrelenting, Spear of Fenris, She-Wolf of Crag Mourning and Guardian of the Gate of Blades cared. It was just another night, the icy chill did not bother her, the majestic full moon did not interest her. For a fleeting moment she was reminded of home, of cold and unforgiving Fenris. She instantly quashed the thought with a burning hatred of the foe. Her pack had been slain and she had been left alive. She drew from that shameful notion, using it to fuel her fury and dark brooding thoughts. She had pondered the battle as she waited, going over it with perfect clarity, her enhanced mind allowing her to not forget a single detail of what happened just a few days ago, a decade or even a century for that matter.
She forced herself to think back to what had happened, she forced herself to once more relive the death of her Pack.
+ + +
They had all barked with laughter as they sa
:iconbrookm:BrookM 6 6
No More Heroes
Not just duty. There's more to it than just duty.
Life. A shitty one at that with little to celebrate about, so no real loss.
Responsibility. Being one of those lucky chosen is a heavy burden, one that has to be carried with great responsibility and silence.
Dreams. Oh the dreams! If those would just end, then everything would be alright. Every horror and every deed finds a way into your mind, into those dreams.
Or is that all just a lie? What if after death you keep everything? What if the Emperor doesn't take the bad things away? What if the Emperor isn't really there at the end of the road? What if.. the Emperor isn't real?
Damn you bloody fool!
As if the punctuate the rebuke for his treacherous thoughts the shuttle let out a long, almost organic groan. It didn't sound right. Space craft always made a little noise when they moved through the void, but that wasn't a normal sound. The Arvus class was known to be an ornery and stubborn design, a
:iconbrookm:BrookM 1 3
Ogryn Follow
‘Enough provost, know your place and shut your face.’
The man finally shut up, perhaps understanding that a bullet to his face was a lot closer than he thought. His colleagues also kept quiet, instead they intently stared at their boots or checked their weapons, better that than facing the wrath of a commissar.
After fifteen excruciating minutes of awkward silence the Centaur slid to a halt, the driver politely informing the commissar that they had arrived at her destination. With a nod of thanks she jumped out, grabbed her kitbag and walked off, a sigh of relief going through the remaining occupants of the transport as she was out of earshot.
The commissar walked over to the small camp consisting of three large tents and a small prefab blockhouse. It didn’t seem like a whole lot, a simple sign was hammered into the ground at the edge of a mud trampled square. It read “Thornz Ladz” in crude brushstrokes. Assuming that the officer in charge would be found in the
:iconbrookm:BrookM 6 4
Combat Engineers
The shotgun's bark thundered across the tunnel, the muzzle flash suddenly banishing the darkness for a split second. It was a split second but in that one brief moment the enemy was seen: several ragged men in dusty overalls with picks, mattocks and pistols. They added their own chaotic noise and flashes to the chaos. The enemy had the numbers, the defenders could only hope that they could hold out as long as possible until reinforcements arrived.
Mining was always a very delicate undertaking. Even more so when you were digging underneath enemy positions. Things could get even hairier if the enemy knew that you were down there, then they would send their own diggers in against you. Mining and counter-mining, collapsing tunnels, raiding enemy tunnels. It was all part of the daily underground grind that took as many lives as on the surface.
A demi-squad of Death Korps combat engineers was busy putting the final touches on a special operation objective when the enemy broke through with a
:iconbrookm:BrookM 9 5
The Hunter
The Drakwald Forest. The huge forest that covers a large part of the Empire. While the forest is certainly dangerous, not all sections are treacherous and many towns and cities thrive in cleared areas of the forest. Though even in cleared sections, many patches of woods remain. And within those green patches darker things still hide, deep within the recesses of it, things best left out of the light and forever cast into the darkness.
Indeed, there are many cautionary tales and legends of what happens at night. All meant to scare people, all filled with gruesome details and fancy morals. All true to some degree as well. But the most important thing is a single theme, one that even fools know: never travel at night.
In the distance there was the crack of a whip, the clatter of hoofs and the rattle of wheels. Someone was in a hurry to get somewhere. Someone foolish enough to travel at night. High overhead the twin moons of the Old World, Mannslieb and Morrslieb, shone their light onto the
:iconbrookm:BrookM 0 6
The Coming Storm
'Crap, can you believe this? One moment I was spending the night with that dancer, the one with the sweet moves and all that glittering dancing jewellery. The next we’re all stuck out in a field looking for something that fell from the skies. This is nothing but a ghost hunt most likely.' Trooper Radek bemoaned his current situation yet again, while maintaining a vigilant look ahead of him as he advanced in a fanned out line with the rest of his Cadian squad members.
'Something fell from the skies, we just don't know what as of yet.' It came from one of the locals assigned to the company, a corporal by the name of Judith Kerman, a local scout seconded by the PDF to help the off-world forces get along more with the locals. From the sound of her voice she was sure of the unidentified object and that the suggestion that it was bogus nothing short of insulting.
'Sure thing darling, something fell from the skies. You bumpkins take everything way too serious.' Radek's tone was a mocking
:iconbrookm:BrookM 8 22


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